About Me


FOOD… Who hates food? Everyone loves to eat their favorite foods.  Like me, every homemaker will have confusion on what to cook for today.  Isn’t it?  Every night, the menu for tomorrow will become a big challenge for every homemaker.  My blog is for those homemakers who are constantly searching online for a new variety of food with the same household ingredients and for those who are a newbie to the kitchen.

Like you, I too struggled to prepare food at first.  I started to cook food like my Mom when I came out of my home to get into a job in Coimbatore where my career started.  Being placed in a hostel for the first six months made many of our friends seeking out for a good food; we could get good food only when we went to our place for the holidays.  Finally, we struggled to come out of that hostel and entered into a rental home where we tried to cook for our own.  My journey into the world of cooking started from there.

After about a year of journey, I got praises from my friends and colleagues for my recipes, which were fusion of my Mom’s traditional cooking and my variation cooking.  Sure, praises will help us to try different varieties to get more praises from them.  It is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.   Trying a new recipe and looking into the face of my friends became my habit.

Food making is a childhood game which most of us had enjoyed in our childhood.  Rewinding back, I cooked food with my friends for fun, and though those recipes didn’t have that professional touch like our Mom, they tasted that much to us at that age because it was prepared by us.  Food prepared by us will always taste good for us.

My mother and mother-in-law had their recipe notes in their notebook diaries, and I had seen many of my elders doing the same.  The same I wanted to do through blogging.

Like everyone who started a blog for some reason, I too started to think about starting a blog and the plan was in my mind for over 2 years, but how to start, from whom to get a blog, how to do blogging, and so and so questions revolved around my mind for the whole lot of 2 years.  Fortunately, I got enough help from my sister-in-law cum friend from whom I gathered a lot of information about blogging.  She is the one who motivated me and taught me patiently on everything regarding blogging.

My experiences in my kitchen with the simple everyday grocery ingredients and vegetables, and especially non-veg recipes are carved in this blog.  Trying my best to take photographs of my own to showcase my recipes.  My recipes are usually for a family of 3 to 4 members.  Friends, ready to explore into my Kitchen!!!

Food Ready.

Please do leave comments if you have any queries regarding the recipes.  If you have tried a recipe of mine and that came out well, please leave a comment that gives me a boost in doing more job here.

Thanks to all of my friends who are going to dive into my kitchen for food varieties.